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21 Tips for Awaken: Chaos Era

Welcome to the textual guide following Darth’s video linked above.

First, we will cover the basic tips, even if you have played the game check these tips out. We will cover some advanced tips further in the text.

Basic tips

· Make sure when checking out the Events tab to not waste resources by spending them before the event has started.

Example: If a Hero promotion event is coming out do not promote your characters until the promotion event is live, you will be able to grab the rewards!

Always check out the Event tab!

· Foodies!!!

Foody is a hero that has one ability → Reduces EXP cost for upgrading by 50%. The Foodies are the ones you should take all the way to the 5 stars. You can use other commons in order to grab your Foody and promote him using the other common Heroes.

Foody is the cheapest Hero to LvL.

Now that we’ve established that Foodies are awesome you might ask-How can I get Foodies?

Foodies come from Events, that is why we have covered the Events first. You can also save your diamonds over time and get them in the diamond shop. There is a limit to how many Foodies you can get and it is three per week.

You can get the Foodies for free every week by just doing your arena battles every day, you will get 50 diamonds.

And now we will cover the diamonds.

· Free diamonds!

Endless trials

Besides the Arena, we can get diamonds by doing Endless Trials. Have in mind that we are not talking about the “first clear bonus”.

When you have chosen the difficulty you want to clear and start the challenge you will be presented with the map itself. The map, the path, and the loot are randomly generated and you will be able to Occasionally see bags on the path hexagons.

Develop your path towards the bags on the map, the reason we are doing this is that when you get to the bag you have a chance to receive the bonuses in that bag. The bags can have diamonds in them as well as other resources.

To get to endless trials click on the dungeon on the main screen and select endless trials in the new window

The Tower

Clearing the Tower will give you diamonds as well, keep in mind that this is a monthly thing. You really need to clear the tower in its entirety for the Normal difficulty so that you can auto through it. If you do not unlock it you will not be able to auto through the tower. When the next month comes, you will not have to do it manually!

The Daily rewards

Click on “Quests” at the bottom of the UI. You will be able to see daily, weekly rewards, etc. You can get 50 diamonds every day.

General normal summoning

You can get yourself more diamonds after using the normal summoning because there is Bonding that happens even with Commons and Uncommons! As you are getting more and more Heroes you will be able to get more diamonds by bonding the Heroes. You can get the diamonds by just getting the Hero for the first time.

Do your dailies to get 50 diamonds each day, complete the Arena challenges to get 50 more, by doing your Endless Trials you will get maybe 10 or 20 Diamonds a day. Completing all of these will be enough to get yourself at least one Foodie! You will have enough diamonds to get all the Foodies you need and maybe spend the rest on pumpkins, Darth’s recommendation is to save the rest of the Diamonds for the Events.

· The Arena

As you climb the Arena and get higher ranks you will receive more tokens, keep in mind that even at the lowest rank you will get tokens, and you will probably occasionally fight against the AI, yes you will not fight against real players all the time!

After we have acquired the Arena points we can spend them in the Arena shop. There are various items available in the Arena shop. Darth is going for the Hierarchy Soul Arcana. This grants you to choose a Legendary Hero to ascend.

This is an extremely valuable and viable way to farm F2P teams that require a ton of ascensions on Legendaries!

· Tip on how speed works

The speed in this game works a little bit different than in other gachas you might have played. Having 201 speed and fighting against someone with 100 speed would grant you twice as many moves over them in other games, in Awaken: Chaos Era that is not the case.

The speed In Awaken: Chaos Era affects the initiation, have in mind Dungeons and Dragons for example. The Hero with the highest speed is going to play their move first, the second-highest will go second, and it will continue in that order. The only thing that alters these orders are some abilities as well as speed-ups and speed downs which can change the speed of the Heroes and impact the order. You can not “Lap” people by boosting the speed stat, the only way you can do that is with bonus turns or mechanics that are specifically made for such moves.

Speed boots are important to play first, but are not always the meta!

· Dispatch

You do not want to overlook Dispatching, the rewards seem quite bad, and they are in the beginning, but you actually do get Charms and Matrixes. You will also get surprise chests which can contain all kinds of useful stuff. The higher-level ones will grant you better resources, you need more stats to get the higher-level chests to drop. You can get these stats by doing more Dispatches.

Make sure to always have Dispatches active.

Go to the Dispatch abilities and max these out. The one Darth is maxing out is The Initial Time.

· Matrixes

If you go to the Matrix in your bag you will be able to see how many fragments of the Heroes you have collected. It takes 40 fragments of an Elite Hero to summon it.

· Arcane Dungeons importance

These dungeons are surprisingly important. You can find these dungeons through the dungeon button in the bottom right corner and selecting the Arcane dungeon on the right side of the screen.

Your friends are able to send you the challenges, when you complete the challenge for them they will receive nice rewards.

Party of three challenges is very important because when you complete them you can get, Diamonds, Gold, Scrolls, Charms. These dungeons can be hard, they got nerfed recently, you should be able to do it. There are level 40,50,60 dungeons. Once you get your own Arcane dungeon and send the Heroes out you might even get six-star legendary gear.

· Hero synthesis!

It is really hard to get legendary ascensions, through the Hero synthesis you can get a legendary hero, multiple legendary heroes completely maxed out on ascension without ever pulling those Heroes.

Go to your Altar and select Hero Synthesis. You are familiar with this mechanic, it is present in almost every other gacha, it is essentially fusions. Use it to upgrade Elites to Epics, Epics to Legendaries.

There are 3 different Legendaries we can craft. Tia, Savannah, Siress. The thing with the Siress is that all of the Heroes necessary for crafting her are fusible themselves. You can make all the Epics you need to get Siress!

All the Elites can eventually become a fully maxed out 100% ascended Legendary and you never have to pull that Legendary or spend any money at all. You just need to get the Elites eventually from your free summons every day where you are guaranteed Elites and you will be able to get her!

· Banishment

You can “Banish” Elites and other Heroes from the Altar. The reason you would want to Banish Elites or lower is Blue Tokens! By Banishing Commons you will get the Gold. Banishing one-star uncommon will grant you Blue Tokens as Elites do, obviously, the Elites will give more.

Why should you be excited about this?

If you banish these Heroes, which are kind of useless you need them for food, then you can go to the shop and scroll down to the Hero essence and you can buy Advanced shards from deleting and removing your garbage Heroes.

Your normal shards can eventually turn into Legendaries!

· Campaign tips

Turn off animations for multi-battles

By clicking your Heroes once you are in the battle, even if it is set on Auto, a red circle represented with the “Blocked” sign will appear. The Heroes that have been selected will not use their Ultimate abilities even on the non-multi-battle. Normally they would use their Ultimate and the fight would take forever because of the animations. Your Heroes will use only their basic spells. You can enable it for only one of your Heroes if you want!


If you click on the “I” button while in the battle a new window will pop-up showing you what is going on in the battle, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, etc. There will be times when you will not be able to see all of the buffs and debuffs because there will be too many of them. You will be able to see the rest of them by clicking and sliding through all of them.

The Jelly

The higher the stage you are at in the campaign the more Jelly you will get.

Hard is better than Normal, Mythic is better than Hard, and the higher the stage number the more Jelly you will receive.

The gear drops from the Campaign have been nerfed, it is more efficient to farm the dungeon for your Gear experience unless you need lots of Jelly, which you pretty much always are going to need.

The Jelly has a 2x bonus in the Diamonds shop we mentioned above, you are able to pause that 2x bonus which is great!

Do not run macros!

If you don’t want to get banned avoid using the macros! Darth doesn’t know for sure if the people are using the macros regardless and whether or not they are banning the ones using the macros, but that is what they have said.

The packs

If you have lost the battle in the campaign, sometimes you will be offered Full Six Star Legendary Gear. From Darth’s understanding, you have to lose the battle but he is not 100% sure about it.

· Quick Promotion

Promote the Heroes by clicking the Quick Promote button. By doing this the lower ranking Heroes will be leveled. Keep in mind that you can disable this mechanic for a certain Hero Rarity!

You do not want to crunch your Elites because there is no mark to show you which ones will be used for the Fusion.

Be very careful!

· Selecting multiple items

If you want to level a piece of gear you will probably get frustrated because of all the stuff you have to crunch into it. Manually clicking on all of the equipment items would take forever, by simply clicking and holding the click the game will select all of the same rarity and star items.

Be careful when using this mechanic not to crunch your good equipment!

· Bonuses

By clicking on the Bonuses button you will be able to see your currently active bonuses. 2X Jelly is very important, you can buy it in the diamond shop, a 24 hour one is the cheapest per hour.

To use the 2x Jelly bonus if it has not been activated at all, go to your inventory and use the bonus.

Once activated you are able to pause the bonus and use it later!

Good luck and have fun!

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