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7 Tips for Max Efficiency – Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

7 Tips for Max Efficiency – Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

We will keep this one brief; here are our top 7 tips for Max Efficient in Marvel Future revolution, specifically for free to play.

Tip #1

Always have a regional box running in your workshop which can be found in your headquarters – reason for this as it can take hours to unlock the boxes sometimes even days depending on how many you’re crafting at any given time.

If you are indeed free to play then do not use your gold resource to speed up the craft time and instant complete, your gold resource is better used elsewhere in the game to help you progress. I.E level your skills, donate to your alliance etc.

If you choose to you can unlock additional slots to craft boxes using your in game currency crystals.

However as always we recommend that your first 1600 crystals should ALWAYS go towards unlocking your additional 4no character slots available under the consumable section of the shop.

Tip #2

You might of noticed whilst playing and progressing through the game you may have obtained some odd items in your inventory some collectables. The description of said items will read something like “Material used to extract Synchronized Particles”. With these items you want to go to your Convergence Box in your headquarters.

Go to extract and use these items obtain some Synchronized Particles for doing so. This is the only thing these items are used for so don’t worry, you aren’t wasting items, once you obtain some Synchronized Particles use them to obtain the freebies available.

These collectable will also allow you to get more freebies just for collecting them under your collection tab.

Tip #3

If you are in an alliance do not forget to check your alliance shop daily and purchase everything that you can afford, what can be purchased in the alliance shop are all good items and all assist with progression through the game and levelling your characters and squad rank.

Tip #4

Underneath your challenges you will notice that there’s free gems available, 600 infact.

We highly recommend under the battle tab slowly working completion them and working towards the gems.

The epic missions in the game as you beat the bosses each one will give a massive chunk of resources, which you will unlock as you progress your alt accounts, this rewards a huge amount of squad rank.

Tip #5

Every week your completion rewards for your battle challenges are going to reset; these aren’t one time only. The rewards available especially for free to play are significant to assist with progress. This is why it is recommend to push your character level first as this is your main bulk of player power to assist with pushing things like the battle challenges for the rewards.

Tip #6

When you have obtained better badges and have some in your inventory, do not dismantle them, instead what you want to do is go to squad → storage and store them, this will allow you to pull them onto a new character or an “ALT” to help increase power instantly and push the story and epic missions from the get go. This will make things significantly easy for you. We recommend your first hero to level being Dr Strange. For things like omega cards, this can be done also but transfer and store before reaching 4* as rolling a 4* or combining to create a 4* will roll an exclusive stat that will effectively lock the card to the character.

Tip #7

Make sure you do not invest in the wrong regional set or wrong set; you will notice that each set will say it has a bonus to a stat another stat and either a skill or class.

If it says increase to class and mentions the class then that means it will provide a bonus to each skill within the class. So make sure you check what skills your specific character has underneath that class and whether or not it would be a good move for you to level that gear or set of gear to get the bonus.

Bonus Tip:

Do not use your crystals if free to play to expand hero inventory slots, use the system storage space and utilize it for maximum efficiency, you have 100 slots available at the beginning. Meaning if you have followed the tips you should have 7 characters so 700 slots and use your alt characters essentially as mules to carry items for you and just pull them out as and when you require for each of your characters as you start to build them.

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