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Hello guys! There are few things you have to know so you do not make the mistakes Darth did.

Check out closely the tips below and enjoy playing Awaken: Chaos Era!

Turn on/off the bonuses

  • Did you know if you go to “Bonuses” you can turn off your double XP potions? You can save it for the time you are playing the game, Darth sadly fell asleep once with the bonus online. Make sure every night that you turn off your buff. You can just turn it on or off, it does not cost anything and there is no limit.

Battle pass bug

  • Buy the battle pass but don’t start leveling it, don’t pay the gems or anything to level it. There was a bug that might be fixed now, you would get your battle pass instantly completed. Within the same day of starting the game and getting the battle pass, people would just randomly get their battle passes to level 50.

Legendary gear mission

  • If you get to the missions where the mission conditions are “Own 5 Items of 4+ Star Legendary Gear” but you already got the legendary gear because you got it from the mission you can just unequip your gear and then it will make it count as you own it.

If you have legendary gear but it’s on your Hero and you can’t finish this mission, just unequip your gear from the Hero, it will instantly register this mission and you can get it done.

Be careful with Synthesis and Banishment

  • Synthesis requires many Epics, look at the Heroes that are required and make sure that you don’t accidentally ascend these Heroes.

If you get two or three of the same Epics and you put them all into one you will have to wait to get another one because you don’t want to crunch your Ascended Epics.

Be careful which Heroes you are using for fodder, this goes for Elites too. You need the Elites to make your Epics which then you need to make Legendaries.

  • The same goes for the Banishment, don’t start Banishing Heroes because you are going to need them for fodder later and it is really expensive. It is a 20 to 1 ratio, 20 elites give you 1 more of the advanced shards.

Check out the Events tab

  • Make sure you look into the future to know what Events are coming out, for instance, Hero Promotion; Rookie Gear Enhancement; etc.

This is something you should pay attention to, you can look at the Events to come and plan ahead!

Be very careful when leveling Gear with tokens

  • Be very careful which gear you are leveling up, the campaign will eventually give you a good amount of higher rank gear. That is probably the gear you want to be ranking up.

Darth, for example, spent most of his tokens to level up four-star boots and he is unable to level up better boots because the price for leveling the boots is unbelievably expensive.

One good choice is to level the gear during the events, be careful!

Hard mission

· The mission you are gonna be stuck the longest on is “3 Hero Glyphs Reach Tier 4”.

This is going to take a while, in order to complete this you have to actually be able to go through and beat the Hard mode campaign.

At the time of the video-making Darth beat most of the Hard mode campaign and he was at Chapter 10 of it. There were only a few he had to finish. The Hard mode campaign can be rather difficult and you will have to do the Mythic to clear the other ones.

In order to get this quest completely done you need to be able to clear Hard, in order to clear Hard you are going to need to be maxed out five stars, six stars Heroes. You are probably going to need a couple of six-star Heroes.

Darth’s recommendation is to at least get your best Hero to six stars, maybe whoever you picked out at your re-roll summons, that way you can get through the campaign.

Hero development

· Don’t focus too much too early on these dungeons etc. Try to follow your “Hero Development” as much as possible, it gives you a lot of good rewards, and then eventually you will have a mission to complete the 3-8 Mythic in just three turns. This means that you have to one-shot every wave. This is another reason why getting Zatlux is very important, they recommend Zatlux because as you have seen his passive he one-shots enemies over and over again. If you do go for the Zatlux in the other missions where you can obtain the Hero, it is a good thing to go through the campaign. You will get gear from doing the campaign, and you have to do the Glyphs to continue the Foodie quest anyway.

Endless Trials are very, very important!

  • In the Endless Trials, you can do the Artifact Battles which will give you an artifact at the end of the battle. Darth focuses on those, you can also pick the Black Market tickets and you can buy different artifacts.

The reason Darth is going for Artifact Battles is that they give you the “Advanced Gear Charm” items on top of the Artifact at the end. This allows you to continually farm the necessary items for leveling your gear!

This is very important because it is very difficult to level gear, especially the higher-ranked gear. You need the gear to be at a higher level in order to beat most of the campaign which is where you are going to get stuck on the Foodie quest.

Do your Endless Trials and make sure you are farming the Gear Charms. That is where you are going to get a ton of stats from, which will then help you clear the campaign, which will give you more stats with the Glyphs.

This form of the game is very generous and crucial. Yes, it gets harder, no it is not something you can really ignore. You do need to do it! The bonus rewards are great as well

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