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Brand - TOP TIER Legendary - Awaken: Chaos Era FULL Hero / Champion Breakdown Guide

Welcome to the textual guide following Darth’s video linked above.

This guide will show you how Darth uses Brand and what gear he puts on this Hero.

Brand excels in a few things, primarily being support and giving you some built-in sustain by preventing damage. To understand what we are talking about let us look at his Trait.

  • Trait → Mountain Shelter At the start of the round, grants a Shield worth 5% (once ascended 10%) of this character’s Max Health to all team members for 1 turn. Shield: Redirects some damage from the target to this character.

Mountain Shelter is one of the best Traits in the game. Brand continually gives shield to all allies equal to five percent of his Max HP at the start of the turn.

This may not seem like a big deal, however, there is a wonderful pairing with Brand and Mytheasia. The reason is Mytheasia’s Trait so let us check it out.

  • Trait → Gift of Life The abilities of all team members recover 5% (once ascended 10%) of Max Health if the target has a positive effect.

Having a positive effect, and shield is a positive effect, allows your teammates to heal themselves.

Brand also pairs very well with Nathalia. Nathalia going first can have a positive effect before the game even starts. That way she can use her combination for her passive. There are other combinations where having a positive effect before anything happens in the round can help a lot.

Mountain Shelter works as preventive damage. It gets refreshed quite commonly, literally every turn. It is going to block a continual amount of damage.

It is solid and helps a lot in the Clan Boss fight.

Brand also does preventive damage because he applies Defense Up II with his Ultimate. It also gives Attack Up II. In addition, if you have Evelyn Firstdawn her Defense Up stacks with this one. These two Heroes together can become extremely tanky, even to the point of living through the one-shot mechanic of Ash.

Let us look at his Ultimate ability.

  • Call of the King → Ultimate ability; Cooldown: 4 turns Removes 1 negative effect from all team members and applies Defense Up II and Attack Up II to the target for 2 turns. Level 2: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn. Level 3: Boosts Attack Up strength. Level 4: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn. Defense Up II: +50% Defense. Attack Up II: +50% Attack.

His Trait works very well because Brand’s Health stats are S-tier. It will give you an advantage when it comes to how much total Health he is going to have when you are building bonus Health percentage items.

The Ascension

When we look at his Ascension, the very first Ascension is perfect.

· Ascend I

Stats Up

Basic Health → +15%

He also only requires second Ascension to double the amount of shield.

· Ascend II

At the start of the turn, grants a Shield worth 10% of this character’s Max Health to all team members for 1 turn.

Darth has used Brand before and after the Ascension. The Ascension helps, but Darth does not believe it is required to make Brand good.

Brand’s Basic attack is all right. Let us check it out.

· Wildaxes → Basic ability Deals 80% damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Taunt for 1 turn. Level 2: Damage +10%. Level 3: Effect application chance +20%. Taunt: Immune to control effects. Automatically uses basic ability to attack the caster. [Control Effect]

This ability does mediocre damage. You might say that a 50% chance to apply Taunt with the Basic is quite good. It can be okay. Darth does not find it reliable enough to be the reason he likes Brand.

What is reliable is his Passive – King’s Sanction.

· King’s Sanction → Passive ability When an ally is attacked, there is a 100% chance to counterattack. The counterattack deals 50% damage, with a 80% chance to apply Attack Down for 1 turn. Level 2: Damage +10%. Level 3: +30% chance to counterattack. Level 4: Effect application chance +30%. Level 5: +20% chance to counterattack. Attack Down: -30% Attack.

The damage of this ability is okay, but this is a built-in counterattack every single time, meaning you do get additional damage. Brand’s damage is not great. It is B-tier on the Attack. If you have a little bit of stats you may do okay damage, Darth was able to hit a couple thousand on the counterattack with this ability.

The gear

Let us check out the gear Darth has put on Brand.

Darth likes revival gear on Brand. The Shield, when he drops below a certain amount of HP, puts up a barrier that gives him enough time for the revival gear to regenerate his health back up.

  • Revival Set [4/4]

Restores 10% of Max Health at the start of the turn or 20% if under 50% health.

Darth has Defense boots. If he could pick, he would have used Health boots. He would go for Health primaries across the board. Darth is looking for Defense percentage, Health percentage, Focus in Secondary Stats.

Here are some of the gear items Darth has put on Brand.

With the gear equipped, Brand has his Health at 21,455.

Where can I use Brand?

Darth had used Brand almost everywhere. He can be used in Ash Magisteria quite well and obviously in Roaring Tulpa.

The other thing you could say about Brand is that he is a great Guild Battle Hero. Darth does believe that is the case. He managed to reach first place on the Leaderboard with 596,793 damage with Brand in his team, in combination with Hector.

In Darth’s personal opinion, Brand might be one of the best Heroes in the entire game. If we look at the top players in places like Mythic Void Tower, or wherever you really want to look to make a comparison, you will notice the type of teams people are using.

Typically they have a Brand. If you watch high-end streamers clearing through Mythic, you will notice a ton of Brand-Mytheasia combos.

We have already mentioned the Brand-Mytheasia combo, but we must point out one more thing.

Brand’s Passive ability is, of course, considered as an ability. Every single time he counterattacks, he will heal himself with Mytheasia in the team. It is why this combo can be so strong.

The Arena

In the Arena, Brand is quite good too. He can do a lot of useful things. Prevent damage and continually grind out and remove the enemy’s damage with the Attack Down. Plus the Shield he provides every turn as well as the Defense Up.

If we look at the top ranks in the Arena, we can see that the top teams have Heroes like Brand the Brilliant, Brand, Mytheasia. The tanky teams are showing up quite often. All the higher-ranking players will be using Brand because he is quite good defensively.

If you did not know when you start the Arena battle and it goes past six rounds, you start getting struck with the Lightning. The Lightning only hits the Heroes that are offensively attacking in the Arena.

You are on the clock, if you can not kill a tanky team before the Lightning strikes because you do not have the gear for it, you will lose. For this reason, the Top Meta is not a Speed Meta. It is a “Tanky grinding out, fatigue deck type of meta”.

Brand, Mytheasia, Blackhorn, these types of Heroes that literally just “sit there, and mouth breath, and heal, and tank” are unfortunately quite the Meta at the moment.

It is not an enjoyable Meta by any means. However, it is the actual Meta at the moment.

Grinding the Arena can be very boring. However, you do need to grind it out. The rewards are great! When you get to the Legend season reward you will get five Ancient Summoning Crystals.

Brand is probably in the top five Heroes in the entire game! He is used literally everywhere. He is one of the best Heroes in Darth’s entire deck, and Darth has almost every Hero in the game.

Darth has consistently used Brand and he did not even finish his Glyphs yet. Once you get Brand, you should definitely Max out his Glyphs, abilities, and start using him fairly consistently across the board.

We hope you have found this guide helpful.

Good luck and have fun!

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