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Codes : Marvel Future Revolution Continuously Updated!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Hi all,

By the time you view the video above, those codes may or may not still be good, HOWEVER the codes listed below will be CONSTANTLY updated! If you need to know how to enter codes, It's shown in the video above as well.

NOTE: You cannot use them on multiple accounts on different servers.

Last Updated 9/04/2021

GAMESPOTMFR : 50 potential reports

LAUNCH825 : 50,000 gold

MFRLIVE : Free costume box (1 to 3 stars)

AGENTM : 50,000 gold

DOWNLOADMFR : 13 omega card box

CONVERGENCE: Medium attack boost

OMEGAFLIGHT : Medium attack boost

FUTUREISNOW : 1 Alpha supply box

How to Redeem MFR Coupon Codes on iOS- Iphone (thanks to swingingwake on Reddit!)

  • Launch Marvel Future Revolution on your iPhone.

  • Head to the Menu.

  • Select Settings.

  • Visit the Account tab.

  • Press copy near your Account ID.

  • Note your server name.

  • Visit the Netmarble coupon redemption page.

  • Enter your Account ID in the space of Enter member code.

  • Choose the right server.

  • Type in a working code to claim your rewards.

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