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Crystal Priority – Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

In Marvel Future Revolution you obtain a resource called crystals whilst playing the game, you are also able to purchase them using the in game shop. We are going to break down what exactly you should prioritize to purchase using your in game currency crystals.

First thing you should be doing using the crystals that you get from playing the game and progressing is to unlock your additional 4no hero slots This can be found underneath the consumables tab. This will allow you to build and diversify your arsenal in terms of playable characters, this will also allow you to rank up your squad rank a lot faster and more efficient.

The additional hero slots also gives you another way of earning crystals, it will also give you back more crystals than what you spent to unlock the additional slots once you begin to progress through the game on your “ALT” accounts.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether you should be buying the 2000 crystal 4* Costume back available – the current bundle available, our current opinion on this is that is not a terrible idea to be doing so, whether your are free to play or pay to play. Reason being; When you are past the point of requiring the gear purchased as you have levelled past it or have better gear available, this can still be used as food to level up to a 5* and eventually a 6* piece of gear.

They’re other options however if focused on free to play; that being omega cards, which can also be purchased for 2000 Crystals, this will give you a 4 piece bonus of purple cards, which currently gives you a PVE bonus. This can help you get further progressed in the campaign and can also be transferred from character to character when you’re levelling your “ALTS”, keep in mind however this is a more RNG based purchase than the costumes, as the exclusive stats can roll different. The omega cards set is better than the costume set in terms of stats available, however the costume set can be used as fodder later on in the game where-as currently the omega cards cannot.

People may wonder about the perks that can be purchased, whilst it looks like from the surface that it would be worth as they hold more value than if you was to spend the crystals on the draws instead, however this has a huge RNG factor, you could end up with 20 blue’s in a row; with that being said it still has a better valuation. If you was to choose between the two available then we would suggest going with the Omega card ticket Daily perks. You have 20 chances at a rare card, and even if you do not, you will be able to begin to work towards a set of omega cards and obtaining set bonuses very easily whilst progressing your character through the game. Some sets of the omega cards are farmable throughout the game, we will use set 6 as an example which is the Midgardia set.

2 Set – Critical damage +17.35%

4 Set – Critical Rate +8.12%

If you are still unsure of what character to use as your main account then we would suggest going with the costume bundles as these hold more value in the long run and have cross character use in terms of fodder if that’s the route you want to take - whereas the omega bundles will be hardcore locked in terms of stats.

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