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Every Stat explained – Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

On this guide for Marvel Future Revolution we are going to breakdown each stat and their uses.


Attack is the base damage stat that is then multiplied anytime you use something like attack percentage etc. It is also the stat that is then used in the formula that calculates things like critical rate and critical damage, it is also the stat that determines the range of damage you are going to hit.

ATK is weighted higher then anything else in your overall power formula, which is why if you put anything to do with ATK in your specializations it raises your power level higher than anything else.

ATK increases every characters overall large damage number, even characters like captain America who does have a skill based on Defense.


DEF is effectively how much damage you’re mitigating, it is not how much damage you can take it is a damage mitigation.

When you receive damage it will calculate the enemies DEF pierce and calculate it accordingly based on the amount of defense you have.


HP is pretty simple, it is the amount of hit points your character has, so in short, when this number hits Zero, you will die. Sometimes it will trigger a revival or HP recovery if you have the specializations equipped to do so or in a passive.

HP is most commonly influenced by omega cards, Cores etc. Useful in dimension duel, spec ops.


Stamina is something that is your yellow bar underneath your health points. Every ability in the game requires stamina some more than others so it’s important to understand how the stamina bar works and when is best to use each of your skills.

Basic attacks do not require stamina.

Without stamina you will not be able to perform any of your ability skills.

Stamina Recovery

Stamina Recovery is a percentage multiplier of how quickly you can regain your stamina. This is most influences by boots but also some omega cards.

Ultimate Gauge recovery

How quickly you are going to be getting your ultimate ability back, this is something you would want to focus on dependent on 1) the character you are using and how important their ultimate is, for example Captain marvel, 2) Building a full set i.e. new stark outfit.

Accuracy Rate

This is used to counter the dodge rate, effectively, how often are they dodging, how often are you missing. Crucial against characters like spider man who is mainly build using high dodge rate.

Dodge Rate

Dodge rate is typically capped at 75%, however there is some characters that can go beyond that, for example Spiderman.

Critical Rate & Critical Damage

This one is pretty self explanatory, determines how hard you are hitting and how often you are criting, typical ratio you want to aim for is 2:1 for every 1 % crit rate you want to try to get 2% crit damage.

Critical Damage Decrease

This is similar to the DEF stat above, it is the percentage of damage mitigation that is going to be happening from the enemies critical damage stat.

Defense Pierce

This is effectively the stat that will counter the enemies DEF stat, this is good in places like PVP, and late game.

Max Damage Rate

Found most commonly on omega cards, max damage rate is effectively a range based upon your ATK Stat

Cooldown decrease

This is one of the best stats in the game currently, effectively DPS is going to be limited by your stamina and cooldown decrease, this is more of an end game thing when you aren’t dodging mobs in the PVE.

Boots have the most opportunity to roll this as a stat, you want as much as possible.

Total Damage

One of the best stats in the game, this effects everything in terms of damage in the game, Super villain damage, PVP damage as an example.

Status effects resistance & Accuracy

This controls the ability's that trigger a status effect, for example Spiderman's cocoon's, this will need accuracy to be able to land, and you will need on the other hand resistance to counter the enemies accuracy, otherwise you will receive the status effect on your character.

PVP Damage & PVP Damage Decrease

Same principal goes for this as above, they directly counter each other 1:1 and mitigate incoming damage.

Guard Damage

This increases your overall percentage on your guard damage moves, most effective on the abilities that have a high guard break, will break the guard of your enemy faster.

Guard Break Decrease

Is the counter to the above, meaning you will receive less damage and mitigate incoming damage against your own Guard break, thus getting broken less often, also allowing for more DPS as you are in the battle longer.

Super Villian Damage

Increases your damage against bosses, Epic bosses, Most wanted bosses, blitz’s etc. DOES NOT work against normal fodder, missions minions as an example does not work.

Super Villian Damage Decrease

Decreases the amount of incoming damage form a boss, this can be used to cheese things and bosses within the game if you have build enough of it on your character

Surface to Air damage

Damage percentage increase for if you are on the surface, on the ground fighting something that is in the air

Air to Surface Damage

Damage percentage increase for if you are in the air fighting something on the surface.

Villain Damage

Increase damage to the minions or ads around the play areas.

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