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Foody - What He Does / How To Get | Awaken: Chaos Era

Welcome to the textual guide following Darth’s video linked above.

This guide will show you two important things about Foodies:

  • How to use the Foodies

  • How to get the Foodies

How to use the Foodies

This Hero has only one ability and you can not use it on the battlefield. When we look at this ability we can see that it is quite simple.

  • Jelly Fanatic → Reduces EXP cost for upgrading by 50%.

Foodies, like every other Hero, can be Leveled and Promoted. The thing with the Foodies is that they can have five stars and a maximum of Level 40 instead of the Level 50 that five-star Heroes can reach.

It works this way to make it blindingly obvious that you should stop leveling this Hero at five stars.

Why would we level up Foody to five stars if we can not use him on the battlefield?

If we have Heroes we want to promote, we will need either pumpkins or other Heroes to Promote the Hero. Foody is that other Hero that we can use for Hero Promotion. We have already learned that Foodies take half of the experience. It will take half as much Jelly to get a Foody to five stars.

When upgrading Foodies it will only take half as much resources for upgrading their Level (to level 40, for example). If we want to Promote a Foody, we will still need four other Heroes to raise the star level of the Foody.

Reduced experience is there only to help your Foody Level up to 40 so you can promote it to five stars. The reason Foodies can not be leveled further is so you do not accidentally misread and promote the Foody to six stars. Six stars are the maximum level.

You are supposed to take a five-star Hero that you do want to Promote, use your Foodies, and Promote a Hero you would like to six stars. That is the entire point of the Foody.

The Foody saves you exactly half the experience needed for upgrading Heroes. You will still need other Heroes to Promote the Foodies, but they save you tons of experience.

Try to get your Foody to five stars before using it. You can use Foodies to promote at three or four stars, however, it is much more efficient to use it at five stars.

How to get the Foodies

There is a variety of ways to get our hands on a Foody.

One of the ways is to obtain the Foodies through the Diamond shop. You can purchase three Foodies every week for 80 diamonds each.

Another way to get the Foodies is via your Guild. At the end of the week, you will be eligible to claim the rewards. If you are lucky, you can get a Foody.

Another way to get the Foodies → Click on the Dungeon button on the main screen, go to the Void Tower, and click on the rewards. Foody is one of the rewards for clearing certain levels in the Tower.

The Foodies are commonly brought from the events. The best way to use your Foodies is to save them and Promote Heroes during the “Hero Promotion” event.

Do not forget to do the type of events like the “Arena of Glory”, for example, and try to get Foodies or Pumpkins that will show up in the event to either upgrade your Foodies or get the Foodies themselves.

Darth’s opinion is that it is worth the 80 diamonds to get a Foody if you are a “small payer” or do the monthly cards, for instance. It is probably better not to buy Foodies if you are F2P. It is better to get them for free from monthlies.

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