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HOW TO: Nathalia-Epic Champion / Hero Guide-Awaken: Chaos Era

Welcome to the textual guide following Darth’s video linked above. Let’s jump into it!

Since everybody got Nathalia for free at the launch of the game Darth decided to show you guys his Nathalia build and the way he uses her in his team comp. Darth’s Nathalia is almost at 100% maxed, he is getting there.

Nathalia does not have to be 100% maxed to be usable, however, her Ascension Effect is going to help her a lot, let’s take a quick look at her Trait.

  • Trait → Arcane Energy For every positive effect this character has, their abilities affect 1 extra enemy

Ascension → the damage is increased by 10%.

The damage is increased by 10% for every buff she has on herself. When we pair that with her Passive ability we can see that she is going to get a large amount of increased damage.

  • Arcane Ward → Passive ability; Cooldown: 3 turns Applies Attack Up and Immune for 2 turns if this character is buffed by a positive effect at the start of their turn. Cooldown: 3 rounds.

Attack Up: +30% Attack. Immune: This character will not be affected by any subsequent negative effects.

Nathalia is quite good for a few reasons, but mostly because she does vast amounts of AoE damage when paired with buffs from her passive. You will be able to nuke through waves!

Darth is using her primarily in Ash Magisteria 12 and he highly recommends using maxed out abilities on her, it is worth putting the skills on her.

The gear

· Boots

When it comes to the gear Darth is looking primarily for attack percentage with good secondaries.

In the picture above you can see that these boots are attack percentage with lots of flat attack but no Crit. Rate or Crit. Damage.

There is the option of doing speed, if we do actually put speed boots on her it should make her faster than other Heroes on Darth’s team. This way she will probably go first and hopefully one-shot waves in order to save us from having to waste a turn on other Heroes and make our runs longer.

Darth put the speed boots on, check them out on the picture below, if you do not have the speed boots with good stats you can do the attack percentage ones as well.

· Chest

When choosing a chest piece Darth is looking for high damage and good secondary stats.

The best chest piece Darth has at the moment is the one in the picture below, that is the one he is using.

· The weapon

For the weapon, we are looking for a good pairing. We will now look at two weapon pieces.

Looking at the first picture we can see that there is 24% Crit. Rate but not a lot of attack. Looking at the second picture we can see that there is a 9% Crit. Rate but 18% Attack since Darth rolled Attack three times.

Darth chose the Attack percentage sword here, he is looking for the raw damage, same thing goes for the Helmet piece of the gear.

· Helmet

This is the Helmet Darth equipped on Nathalia.

So far we have equipped three attack pieces and one health chest piece. We are now looking for a ring.

· The ring

If we can get 100 Crit. Rate without a Crit. Rate ring like the one displayed on the first ring picture Darth would be looking at one of the rings you can see on the second and third picture.

Darth’s favorite in this situation is the “Dragonscale ring” because of flat damage on top of the Crit. Damage. If he needed more Crit the ring on the fourth picture could be a good choice.

So far we can observe that Darth is picking the items that have attack percentages with good crit stats for as much damage as possible.

Let’s take a look at the Necklaces.

· Neck

If we look at both of the necklaces, the first one would be our obvious choice, but the second choice gave Darth a set-piece bonus and in this case, he chose the second necklace.

With the choices Darth made his Nathalia was at 82% Crit. Rate. That is not what we are looking for, we want Crit. Rate at 100%. To achieve that Darth changed the Ring piece of the gear and equipped the fourth Ring choice, the one with 22% Crit. Rate. With this change Nathalia’s Crit. Rate is at 104%.

In the Ash Magisteria Nathalia is really good in the waves, you can do defense down as one, then you can use the Rage Aura as the other and that is going to be enough to clear through the waves. The Ash itself can be a long run, but you understand the idea of how she clears the minions.

She effectively just keeps the buffs up from the other Heroes and one-shots the waves.

With the new Arena season, everyone at the very top isn’t that highly rated, however, if you look at the Leaderboard the people near the top are using the Nathalia. This might be because the season just reset and newer players are here. What is really important to think about is that Nathalia was used in the Arena before they even gave her out to everyone.

Nathalia is also very good at clearing the campaign and pairs very well with some of the other Heroes that you can get out of your legendary rookie summons that you get when you start the game. For this reason, once you get Nathalia you should 100% max her out. It is amazing and Darth is extremely surprised they are giving us this Hero for free at the start of the game.

This is a very generous Hero, she is a really good Hero and she is vastly used by the majority of high-end players across almost all aspects of the game all the way to the end game.

You want to build her strong and you want to get her as maxed out as possible, it is RNG to get the ascensions, however, you can grind some ascensions for free. Get into the Arena with her in your team comp as it is much easier now than at the launch of the game.

Good luck and have fun!

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