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Iron Man : Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Iron Man in Marvel Future Revolution is unique. Dynamics allow for a PVE / PVP build with the right skills equipped allowing him to completely melt the opposition; single target nuke the bosses available in game with ease or have a catch all build and generic use.

The Omega cards / Costumes do not necessarily impact the performance of this PVE / PVP build as this is primarily based on how much money you have spent in the game or how far progressed through the game you are.

We would recommend having more than one loadout on Iron Man to create some diversity. A Catch all build. “Jericho build” which is the most optimal single target nuker.

For this guide we will cover the most general use loadout.

Skill 1:

Extra Firepower – fourth Variant (Guided Missiles)

Class: Weapon Cartridges

Cooldown: 9.3s

Required Stamina: 13

Guard Break: Lowest

This skill is pretty much the bread and butter of the build, this is what makes the build what it is and allows the diversity; this skill is replicated throughout all builds.

Launches missiles to deal 209% damage. Attacks up to 16 enemies. Deals greater damage when missiles stack on a target – This damage is based off of the skill being rank 10, which is what we currently have available to us.

Skill 2:

Micro Missiles – First variant (Anti-tank missile)

Class: Weapon Cartridges

Cooldown: 16.s

Required Stamina: 16

Guard Break : Medium

At level 6 – Deals 295% damage with a missile that explodes after attacking. Low cool-down, low stamina requirements, hits multiple targets.

The unity between Skill 1 and Skill 2 is to spam them for constant hit and targeting your enemy. Creating a lot of damage.

For Skill 3 there is 2 options available, if you’re running plenty of cool down reduction, or the cool down specialization then we would recommend; Weakness Scan. If you are not then you want to run Operation Speed Amplification.

Skill 3 (Option 1)

Artificial intelligence (Weakness Scan)

Class: J.A.R.V.I.S

Cooldown: 27.8s

Required Stamina: 10

Knocks back when the skill lands

Increases ATK by 25 15% for 10s

At level 6; deals 96% Damage to nearby enemies, and pushes back the attacked enemies. Increases ATK while the skill lasts.

Skill 3 (Option 2)

Artificial intelligence (Operation Speed Amplification)

Class: J.A.R.V.I.S

Cooldown: 34.8s

Required Stamina: 14

Recovers ultimate Gauge by 10 6%

Decreases remaining skill cooldown by 26.5%

Knocks back when the skill lands

Deals 154% damage to nearby enemies and pushes the attacked enemies. Decreases all skill cooldowns and recovers the ultimate skill Gauge.

Skill 4:

Nanite Plasma (Spin blade)

Class: Weapon Cartridges

Cooldown: 19.3s

Required Stamina: 39

Guard Break: Medium

Bleads when the skill lands

  • Decrease HP recovery by 50$ for 7s

At level 10 Creates an energy blade to deal 1,059% Bleed damage to up to 3 enemies in a linear area. This is the hard hitting move, can be used as an escape move or just an all out killer.

Skill 5:

Tactical Satellite (Party time protocol)

Class: J.A.R.V.I.S

Cooldown: 40.3s

Required Stamina: 31

Guard Break: Low

Summons Iron Man Suit

  • Suit Duration: 15s

  • Applies 28.53% of Iron Man’s ATK

Knows down when the skill lands.

This skill in particular is brilliant, bots are great, damage is massive. The swoop in headbutt does more damage than what is advertised.

Charges forward to deal 523% damage and knocks down the attacked enemy. Remotely controls 2 Iron Man Suits to support the battle while the skill lasts.

Enhance Potential:

Focus on Critical rate, critical damage and ATK being the highest priority.


Algorithm Improvement

Decreases skill cooldown by 2.5% for 10s when using a (J.A.R.V.I.S) class skill (Cooldown: 20s)

Weakness Analysis

Increases damage dealt to Bleeding or Burned targets by 3%

Anti-Armor Bullet

When attacking a target with 50% HP or below, Increases Armor Penetration by 3%


Increases damage by 3% and stamina consumption by 3% when using attack skills.

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