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New Player Efficiency Guide-Tips-What NOT To Do-How To Max FASTEST-Awaken: Chaos Era

Hello guys!

Darth had spent a lot of time playing Awaken: Chaos Era and turning the game inside out, check out the text below for some tips about the efficiency at the start of the game.

Clear chapter 2-8

  • First and foremost before you do anything you have to clear through chapters 2-8 in order to get your rookie summons! The rookie summons in the bags one, three, and five will have a Legendary and you are going to pick the best out of those three Legendaries.

If you are asking yourselves which one of the three Legendaries is the best, the answer depends upon what kind of build you are going for. However, there is a number of Heroes that are very good that have to be mentioned.

Blackhorn → you will get this Hero from the Battle Pass so you don’t want to pick this Hero.

Tia → You will get Tia through the Synthesis. Don’t pick her either.

Ciara → Same goes for Ciara, even though she’s a very good farmer due to the nature of her Passive, when somebody drops below 50% HP she does an AoE. This makes her clear through the waves very quickly but you still don’t need her as one of your starting Heroes.

Hector → Darth picked this Hero, but for the Guild Boss damage. He is good in Boss fights because he gives himself consistent bonus turns.

Hydriessea → You can go with this Hero. She is considered as one of the best if not the best Hero in the game, strictly because she has consistent Speed Down and you can AoE, she is very good in PvE. She does good damage on top of the Speed Down, she is a good option.

Pay close attention not to pick the Legendary that can be obtained through the “Hero Synthesis” as you will be getting duplicates. That is why Darth does not recommend picking up Blackhorn as you will get him in the Battle Pass, of course, get the Battle Pass, it is worth it. It is one of the better Battle Passes we’ve seen in these types of games!

Foody Guides

Once you’ve gotten through the beginning what you really want to focus on is making sure that your Foody’s Guides are getting done. Foody’s Guides are not retroactive, meaning that you have to complete the task requirements.

You can actually be time locked out of these quests if you do not focus on doing them as soon as possible. Darth recommends doing these because you’re going to be getting an Epic and Legendary, Stage 2 will grant you 1000 Diamonds, and Stage 3 will give you guaranteed Legendary Hero!

With the Battle Pass Legendary, the three you can Synthesize, and the one from the Foody’s Guides Stage 3, you can get five Legendary Heroes.

How can we get some more Heroes? If you click on your Main Hero, in the new window you will see these options:

  • Hero Development → these are going to help you upgrade your Heroes, develop them

  • Master The Elements → these will help you get the ability tokens to level them up

  • Conquer Dungeons, and

  • Season Victor

These are not the only spots you can get free Heroes from. Go to the Covenants, you will find the quest there, once you have completed the quest you will be eligible to challenge the Hero, in this case, it was Connor.

When we challenge Connor and beat him we will receive that Hero for free. If you did not know a lot of Elites in this game are actually very good, with Connor being one of them. This game does a very good job at allowing Epic and Elite Heroes to be extremely viable. When you ascend Heroes, by getting duplicates of the Heroes, it makes them significantly stronger as well.

You can go to your Heroes, find duplicates and ascend one of them, in this case, Darth had two Epics and ascended one of them. Keep in mind that there are some Heroes that are required for the Synthesis, maybe don’t ascend up all those Heroes that you are going to want to use in the Synthesis.

Looking at the Altar, the Synthesis is done there, we will be able to see which Epics are required for the Synthesis. You want to make sure that you have a five-star version of these Epics and that you are not Ascending them, raising their abilities, because these Heroes are going to be deleted in order to get a Legendary Hero.


  • You can turn Heroes into shards and use the shards to purchase things from the market


  • A market is a place that allows you to buy materials out of it at different times. You can think of it as a refilling shop over time.

It is really good, as you level, better things are going to be showing in it. You will have a lot of gold and for example, upgrade tokens for enhancing your gear are some of the most crucial things to get in the game because it is really hard to farm them.

You can also get Glyphs which you straight up have to farm through the campaign.

Darth is using the 20 gems purchase in order to refresh the market offer and after that, he is letting it refresh on its normal timeline. The 20 diamonds are worth it in order to be able to purchase all of the extra materials.

The Jelly system

· It is really great to go in and buy double EXP cards, they give you twice as much experience during the amount of time you have it running.

If you have Heroes that are completely maxed-out, they are max level for whatever rank they are. What happens is that all the bonus experience that is getting wasted because they can’t level anymore, gets converted to Jelly. What you can then do is use the Jelly that was converted, and it is converted at a 100% rate so you don’t lose any of it, and you can then level up whichever Heroes you want.

Darth is recommending using the 2X bonus at all times when you are online. If you are using your best Heroes, even if you are having a hard time beating the content, you will still be going to be able to get that bonus experience. It will not get wasted. When going offline pause the XP bonus.

Leveling up your Heroes with Foodies

· In terms of leveling up your Heroes, it can be difficult because you need other Heroes of higher rank. There are Pumpkins that can be used as fodder, but the Foodies should be your go-to.

You can obtain a Foody in the market for 80 gems. You can level Foody Heroes, it will take less experience to level Foodies than other Heroes. It will be easier for you to make fodder and use the Foodies for the fodder. Leveling your Heroes this way will save you 20% of the Jelly and keep in mind that it can be quite expensive to get five-star food.

Pulling Heroes

  • Darth is being biased about this, but he is convinced that he has better luck with single pulls than ten pulls at once. Doing single pulls Darth was getting Legendaries every thirty pulls.

Free rewards

  • This game has a ton of free rewards. Just by doing the campaign, you are already on, clicking “Chapter details” and clearing the chapter you are going to get free stuff.

You will be getting free stuff, pulls, free diamonds, depending upon if you are on Hard or Normal difficulty. You can get a lot of freebies this way.

  • In the Index, every time you acquire new Heroes you can click on them, go to “Bio” and you can grab free diamonds for unlocking a Hero that you haven’t had a chance to unlock yet.

The same goes with the “Bonding”, you can get more free gems by going to the “Bonding”.

Daily routine

  • When you are looking at the main UI window you might ask yourselves, what should I focus on?

It is going to be your time-gated thing. Every day when you log on you want to get your basic rewards done, your daily quest because they reset every day.

Check the Quests tab at the bottom of the screen.

You want to make sure you are never capped on your Arena tokens. Find the people you can beat and continue to do these battles. These battles reset every hour.

Arena tips, going first is important

  • It is really important to go first in the Arena. Let’s check how the Speed works in the game.

Hero with the highest speed in the battle goes first, like in most games. If one Hero in the battle, for example, has 300 speed and another Hero has 100 speed, the first Hero will not get three turns to one turn of the lower speed Hero. There is no “lapping” in Awaken: Chaos Era. The speed is determining the turn order in which Heroes will act. You will always get a turn, the enemy will not play two or three times while you wait.

The gear is really important, it provides the stats that can help you to go first.

Going first is a huge deal, especially in the arena. There are abilities that you can use in battles. The “summoner spells” on the side can be used on any Hero, these spells are effectively tied to your account, not to your Hero.

When you use these spells it does not count as the Hero’s turn. If you have the first two turns, two of your Heroes are going first, you effectively get twice as many moves!

The guilds are important

· You want to get into a good guild, the guild is going to be highly important. Getting into a guild is going to allow you to fight the Guild Boss. As you fight the Guild Boss you are going to get better and better rewards, doing more damage gives you better rewards.

· When you go to fight the Guild Boss, you can actually cancel your attempt if you don’t like how your attempt went.

You can cancel the attempt by clicking the “x” button of the emulator tab in which Awaken: Chaos Era is running. Relaunch the game and your attempt was not used. This is very important, it allows you to practice this Boss battle and get better at it.

You want to play this Boss battle on manual and it is where you are going to be getting a lot of good gear.

The battle pass tip

· If you did not know, in the Magic Pass, the Battle Pass, you actually get the Legendary before all the way at the end. You get it at level 30 if you have the actual Battle Pass.

Good luck and have fun!

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