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Omega Card Build Guide– Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

In Marvel Future Revolution you obtain something called omega cards whilst playing and progressing through the game, you are also able to purchase them in the shop and purchase tickets also to open them.

This build that we are about to demonstrate to you is Free to play friendly as it does not require any special cards to pull off. It only requires rare cards. Additionally, the exclusive stats are not set in stone either. These cards are also farm-able.

There is a simple theme to follow, which is ATK% and Critical damage,

The cards are interchangeable so long as the sets are obtained. The exclusive stat entirely depends on you and how you’re playing the game, PVE or PVP.

The consistent theme in this build is that either a set is being used that gives ATK% or Critical Damage%. The primary of the cards are either ATK% or critical damage,

This build seems to be demolishing the arena and dimensional duels.

If you are not running black widow who has a 100% Crit rate with her ultimate then you can also run cards with critical rate as their main stat, but be sure to have this on a set that gives either Critical damage % or ATK% as a set bonus as this is the key to the build.

The main focus of this build is to get your critical rate and critical damage as high as possible as well as ATK%.

Free to play, the cards used generally are farm-able for example the vote Loki card which is obtainable from Midgardia eventually.

It is worth noting that there’re caps within the game, for example, the cap for critical damage is 300&, if you manage to hit the cap you can then switch your focus elsewhere to ATK% or critical rate if you’re lacking.

You can also obtain critical damage and critical rate off of your gear pieces, your helmet, and your chest plate, which will synergize better with your omega cards if you follow this guide.

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