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Squad Rank tips & tricks : Marvel Future Revolution Ultimate Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

In Marvel Future Revolution there is a concept called Squad Rank

We are going to break down what squad rank does and most importantly how to make the most of it, tip and tricks and how to efficiently level fast – One key point would be that you HAVE to be squad rank level 55 in order to be able to complete the story line of the game. As some missions are locked behind Squad Rank increase. Once you hit Squad rank 55 the grind does not stop, keep focusing as there’re freebie rewards up to level 100, essentially side missions that will reward you bonus items; as well as assisting you with ranking up your specializations.

Squad rank gives a lot of benefits through the levels.- Max level is level 300 currently in the game. They give rewards for Weapon Development, Bionics & Armour Design

In these increases you can seer things like PvP Damage increase, Max Damage Rate, Critical Damage, critical rate, Guard Damage Decrease, Dodge Rate, Status Effect resistance, Stamina Recovery, Cooldown increase, HP Recovery ETC.

This really helps improve your stats probably more than you would realise.

Pay to Play method is pretty self explanatory, you can purchase the books; Directly from bundle packs, additionally you are able to pull them if you wanted some extra dopamine from the Dimension Box’s with crystals.

One of the best ways to get squad rank experience is to try and get into a high level alliance (Level 7+) in order to purchase directly from the alliance shop with gold.

  • Highest-Grade Training Manual (3 available weekly per squad) 150,000 Gold Each

  • High-Grade Training Manual (3 available weekly per squad) 80,000 Gold Each

  • Mid-Grade Training Manual (1 available daily per squad) 10,000 Gold Each

All primary missions also give you squad rank; levelling other heroes is key to enable you to rank up efficiently and quickly, the more characters you level and content you clear with each character(Primary missions) the more squad rank books you will get.

Having some diversity in your character selection could speed up efficiency on this also, if you have set characters for PVE and set characters for PvP it’ll make things faster in terms of levelling the squad rank.

Pretty much all activities available in the game will reward some kind of squad rank, which is why it’s useful to have a PVE focused character for efficiency.

Bltz, Spec Ops, Most Wanted etc.

At the beginning of the game if you are just starting out and wanting to accelerate your progression; the most effective way to gain squad rank would be as follows.

Go to records → Challenges → Battle Tab, underneath challenges you will see as an example “Failed Conspiracy” Which is Defeat Kingpin in Epic Mission 2 times this rewards 200 Squad rank – This one specifically is early on, the next “Boss” rewards 400 Squad Rank exp, the one after that rewards 600 Squad Rank exp and so on into the thousands.

This is a very effective way to earn exp for your squad rank and you are able to start this process very early on into the game.

If you are in an alliance, I’d recommend grouping with people in your alliance for the activities noted. This as well as given you Squad Rank Exp will also reward you with Alliance EXP enabling you to be able to purchase the Squad Rank exp from the alliance shop faster.

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